About me


I consider myself an ordinary contradictory gal: I like pretty things that sparkle, but also like spikes, studs and skulls. I’m a wine drinker turning into quite a micro brew aficionado. I’m kinda lazy about it but I want to be in shape. I’d like to cook gourmet meals, in a hurry. I like to read the book before watching the movie. I like to bargain shop but I’m kinda a label snob. I like the rain but don’t like to be cold. I was raised a farm girl but I don’t listen to country music.

I love to shop. I love kayaking. I love pasta, freshly baked bread, Mexican food and dark chocolate. And most of all I love my grown son, my boyfriend of forever, our goofy dog and my very stuck up cat.

Some days I even love my job, other days not so much. That’s probably normal right?

I work in the dental field, which can be quite rewarding. I have Hospital privileges in my area which means I go to the Operating Room with my D.D.S. and we perform oral rehabilitation on children and special needs patients under general anesthesia. The rewarding part is fixing these patient’s teeth and knowing they are no longer in pain or embarrassed to smile. But it’s also heartbreaking, some children are less than a year old and every tooth they have is decayed. Some of the older ones end up losing their permanent teeth. Those are the days I hate.

I hate other things too, like onions. Yuck. I hate cigarettes. And snakes, I’m terrified of snakes, like petrified! I don’t really like T.V. For some reason I strongly dislike the color blue. I can’t stand flip flops. I don’t own a pair of sweat pants and I seriously don’t understand the leggings fad. I only wear my yoga pants to the gym.

Maybe I’m not so ordinary but definitely a walking contradiction!