How does a busy girl stay informed these days?! I know it sounds ridiculous but I don’t have time to watch the news everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be informed but who has time for all that?!?

I’m pretty sure I originally found a link for theSkimm on Gwyneth Paltrow’s “modern lifestyle publication” goop. And yes, I know there is always some controversy over something Gwyneth Paltrow says or does and people either love or hate her – I happen to love her! No, that doesn’t mean I follow her sometimes ludicrous advice on health & beauty or buy into her newest gimmick but I am a goop subscriber.

And I subscribe to theSkimm, it’s a daily emailed summary of the top news stories in the world. It can sometimes be just a blurb but every story has links to read a more in-depth article if you so chose. The emails are sent Mon – Fri morning… perfect for a 5 minute peruse during that first cup of coffee… at least, that’s how I like to start my day.

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