Summer Stylin’


Yah for the release of the Summer Box of Style but boo for this summer heat! It was 110* degrees today… and the forecast isn’t looking very promising for a reprieve anytime soon.

When people think of California they think of perfect San Diego summers, 78* degrees and beautiful. Did I mention I live in Chico, California? Which is nowhere near the beach unfortunately. And I am so not a fan of being hot, I prefer rain and fog over this weather any day!

It is pretty hard to stay cool and still enjoy outdoor activities. Hiking is impossible in this weather, the dog plays dead every 100 ft in 85* degree weather. I love to go kayaking but haven’t made it out yet this year. The closest lake to Chico is in Oroville… The area that made national headline news earlier this year because the dam was believed to fail during our rainy season. The dam didn’t collapse, thankfully, but my favorite kayaking spot isn’t accessible during the ongoing repairs.

I did participate in the 22nd annual Micro Brew fest a few weekends ago, I finagled a brewery booth inside ( with AC!) and poured ( and drank) beer for a good cause. The Chico Soroptimist group holds the fundraising event every year to raise funds for community events for the betterment of the lives of women and child. I’ve been volunteering for the group for over a year now

The photo above is of the contents of my Summer Box of Style and I have to say I’m pretty stoked with this season’s box! I especially like the Helena Quinn kimono, it’s the perfect layering piece for summer. Dress it up as a wrapper over a cute dress for evening or dress it down with a jean skirt & tank top or throw it on over a bathing suit at the pool… the options may be endless!

The sunglasses are gorgeous but I’ve been cursed with a tiny head, tiny like an infants in fact. True story, I was about to buy a hat at a boutique until the sales lady asked me if it was a gift for my baby… and it fit me perfectly lol. Anyway, I gifted the sunglasses to a lucky friend.

The straw Panama hat and sunscreen will come in handy. I’m still getting the hang of the blush stick, have I mentioned I’m makeup retarded?? Growing up a tomboy most likely stunted my makeup aptitude. The blush stick in theory seems simple to use but I looked feverish from my first attempt- I think it is a “less is more” application.

The gold compass necklace is dainty and perfect. I have a thin, longish neck so I’m happy the chain is shorter than the average necklace. It’s going to be my go to this summer and it is supposed to symbolize a wanderlust for travel and good luck – how kismet because I just booked a flight to Charleston, South Carolina! 🤗

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