Protect yourself!


Besides upping my gym time I’ve enrolled in a Personal Defense Training course recently. It’s 6 classes, each 2 1/2 hours long. The course is karate based so we’re learning defensive moves, striking and kicking.

The main point being stressed in our classes is to be aware of your surroundings! These days everyone has their head down, eyes glued to their smart phone. Make eye contact with the people around you, take in details. The more aware you are the less likely you’ll be a target. Trust your intuition.

Next, keep a comfortable distance. Don’t let someone sketchy looking get close to you. We were told the first day of class to imagine there are 3 zones – the green zone is a safe distance away, the yellow zone is moderately dangerous and the red zone is essentially DANGER. Keep yourself in the green zone, always.

Know when to use your “fight or flight” instincts, knowing how to defend yourself is easier than actually doing it. If you do find yourself in a situation where you have to protect yourself remember the most vulnerable targets are the eyes, ears and throat ( and groin if your attacker is male).

The eyes are the first target. Gouge, poke or scratch. If your attacker can’t see you he can’t get you.

Ears when boxed will cause disorientation and even loss of equilibrium. Using both hands, each in a cup like shape, slap your hands hard over your attackers ears. This one took practice so if you’re unsure I’d skip it.

The throat is an easy target, either a karate chop or punch directly to the hollow of the throat will seriously harm an assailant.

I’ve attended 5 out of my 6 classes and although I’m sore, bruised and scraped I look forward to the last class. I highly recommend every woman take a self-defense course, it’s an empowering experience…. and hopefully a skill she’ll never have to use!





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