Box of style and stuff


Yah for packages in the mail. I sure do like coming home to presents from myself!

Today I’m talking about Box of Style. It’s basically a box of beauty, fashion and lifestyle goodies curated by the amazing stylist Rachel Zoe. My box is the Spring edition.

In my box: a purse I’m not sure I’ll keep, it’s a Tribe Alive carryall from India. I’m so picky about my purses… I may always be on the hunt for my “perfect purse” unfortunately. This one is cute but just not right for me.

An awesome pair of hoop and bar earrings by Adornmonde, I chose gold as I have a favorite pair of silver hoops already. These are extra cool as you can wear them in different ways as they are convertible. I think hoop earrings are a wardrobe staple.

A pale pink Butter London nail polish, “piece of cake”, a very lady like shade for Spring. And I LOVE it. It wears like a gel. I’m kinda weird though, I only paint my toes colors. I use yellow stopper clear polish on my fingernails so they look healthy and natural.

A BKR water bottle that I’m super stoked for as I just joined a gym ( I’ll share more on that in a moment). The bottle is glass so my water doesn’t taste weird, the lid has a handle for easy transport and the silicone bottle cover keeps the water cold. Bonus: It’s a pale pink color to match my toes!

A new try for me, Tatcha Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder… it’s a dry powder face wash. Who knew?! I’ve never heard of such a thing but it is amazing! My face has never felt so soft!

A red peacock screen-printed silk Symbology scarf for a splash of color… it’s pretty. My dog happens to like wearing scarfs so of course I had to tie it on him. Don’t ask me how I know he likes wearing them, I just do!

And a special edition Stella Artois glass chalice created by and Stella Artois for proceeds to “help provide 5 years of clean water for 1 person in the developing world”. You can purchase your own at

I go hiking or on long walks with the boyfriend and dog but haven’t stepped foot in a gym in years! Now that it’s officially Spring ( and that much closer to Summer) I decided to buck up and hit the gym again.

I joined OrangeTheory and am so glad I did. If you’re familiar with the gym you know it’s a fast paced circuit workout. Cardio, water rowing, and resistance weights for lunges, squats, etc. A heart rate monitor is worn during the workout to stay in the ‘orange fat burning’ zone.

I’ve only gone to 2 classes so far but considering how sore my muscles are today I’d say I’m on track for my favorite summer activity: kayaking in my bikini.

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