Hamptons Lane


I must be a sucker for monthly subscriptions or maybe I just LOVE getting packages in the mail?! Ha ha. I’ve tried Ipsy and Birchbox but discovered I’m makeup retarded, Bulu but was bored of their selection, Stitchfix but was disappointed in the quality.

I am a Trunk Club and Box of Style member but each are seasonal so I need a new monthly fix…

Enter Hamptons Lane . A themed gourmet cooking box delivered monthly with a kitchen gadget or two, a few unique ingredients and a sample recipe pamphlet is included in each box( and access to a ton more on their website). Sounds fun right?

I received the Crêpes box and whipped out a stack of them; I’m practically a master already… well, almost. It took me a few tries to get the consistency down and I found the crêpe spreader was more hindrance than help. But they came out edible and even kind of pretty by the end.

The box included a crêpe pan, the darn crêpe spreader, a delicious chocolate sauce, an orange saffron marmalade, a jar of French herbs: Herbes de Provence, the above mentioned recipe pamphlet and luckily a bag of crêpe mix.

I seriously can’t wait to see what theme I’ll get next month and in the meantime, hopefully I’ll be impressing everyone with my new crêpe skills.

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