I’m no Martha!



Martha’s meal service was kind of a bust for me. Maybe I didn’t make the best menu selections?

I made the Tandoori Spiced Chicken on night 1. I followed the recipe exactly but didn’t enjoy the results. The coconut green beans was the best part but the combination was very odd. Wouldn’t repeat it, 3 stars tops.

Steak au Poivre was next. Again, weird combination: a spicy mustard dressing over warm root vegetables? It was supposed to be layered on top of a bed of kale but that was too wilted to eat… which to be honest wasn’t a huge disappointment considering I’m not a kale fan. So it was mustard covered root vegetables( turnip, parsnip and radish) and pan seared steak( not even a good cut of steak!). Bland and unexciting. If I had to give it stars it’d be 1.

I actually liked the Pork Noodle soup, it was like a fancy ramen meets Pho… Pork, cabbage and rice noodles. Topped with cilantro and a Rayu sauce- a spicy sweet tomato sauce. It was a chilly night so this dinner was a nice comfort meal. 4 stars.

All three meals took considerable time to prep and cook, and each needed multiple pots/ pans and bowls. I saved myself that dreaded trip to the store but not much time prepping, cooking and cleaning up.

My biggest complaint of meal services in general is when they include a pre-made sauce/ingredient, like the Rayu sauce. I enjoy learning how to make the all components of the meals, adding to my repertoire.

Sorry Martha but we have to break up! Next week: Hello Fresh.

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