Marley Spoon

img_0025When work is crazy it kind of spills into your free time. It’s hard to make even short-term plans, like the dreaded “what’s for dinner?” plans. I am not good at planning meals and I loathe grocery shopping, especially the mad dash to the store after work kind of grocery shopping.

I do however like to cook, not all the time and definitely not if I HAVE to cook, but sometimes it can be even fun. I’ve found trying a new recipe can be pretty exciting… or a huge disappointment.

Enter meal delivery services: Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Plated, Munchery, omg there are so many to choose from! Even Martha fricken Stewart has one. I’ve decided to try them all, one at a time obviously.

Marley Spoon was this weeks delivery, cuz yeah it’s Martha Stewart! Anyway, it arrived today, waiting on my doorstep when I got home. I chose 3 meals and received $30 off my first box which came out to be about $32. Not too bad considering I get to avoid a trip to the store and cook 3 meals I’ve never made before.

I’m no Martha Stewart but for the next 3 dinners hopefully I can channel some of her quintessential domestication.


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